HTML 5 Web Templates

This is a new category with templates being added every single day. This category is a very important upgrade over HTML 4 templates. New features providing for video and GPS will be very useful to most every site from now on. Some new features of HTML 5 :

1. Video Element
You may embed a video on a web page with the same simplicity of embedding an image. Also, the ability to manipulate videos and built-in movie controls without the need for third part code or software.

2. Canvases
Dynamically produce graphics. Draw graphics, make photo compositions, and animations with out an external plug-in.

3. Geo-Location Function
A geo-location API allows sharing your location with trusted Internet web sites. The location is available to JavaScript on the web page for use with Global-Positioning Technique (GPS) and network signals including Wifi, Bluetooth, IP address and so on.

4. Application Caches
Store web apps and access them without connecting to the Internet.

5. Hyper-Threading for Internet browsers
With this function, separate background threads could be employed for processing without having affecting the overall performance of the web page. That is extremely useful for applications with count on heavy scripts to carry out these kinds of capabilities

Video player add on code:
Open Source HTML5 Video Javascript Player

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