Get a fully responsive website
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At Dreamweaver Graphics we specialise in designing responsive websites that convert visitors into customers wherever they are... regardless if they're tablets, smartphones and desktops.


What your website needs to do

Your website is the most important part of your online marketing because all the traffic you generate is sent to it. And the better it converts that traffic into leads and sales, the more profit you'll make. Whether your prospects are ready to order immediately, wanting to talk to someone first or still making up their mind... your website design has to effectively 'sell' to your visitors and compel them to do business with you. That's why website design is less about 'looks' and more about strategy.


Why you need a responsive website

65% of the population access the Internet every day on their smartphone and most never leave home without it. What does that mean to you? It means that your prospects might be visiting your website on their smartphones, on their tablets or on a desktop computer. With a responsive website, you build your website once and make it adjust to whatever screen size your prospects are viewing it on. Same website, same content, different experience. Any website owner that doesn't have a responsive website is losing business to competitors that do.


Sales copywriting

The words we use on your website are designed to help move your prospects from the first word they see when they land on your site to the action you want them to take at the end, that is, to enquire with you or buy something.


Credibility elements

If people don't trust you, they won't buy from you. That's why we focus strongly on building websites that help you establish trust with your prospects online. So we incorporate credibility-building elements into your website such as testimonials, awards you've won, industry accreditations, and logos of your biggest clients.


SEO integration

Some website owners don't think about SEO until after their site is launched. We develop sites that have built-in SEO right from the start. We do this to maximise your chances of ranking highly on Google. And if you're already ranking highly, we make sure that you don't lose your rankings when you launch your new site.

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